Regression Hypnosis

Our unresolved experiences as children have profound effects on our adult lives.

We have all had experiences that caused a high degree of fear or stress; it’s part of life.  If we are unable to process the experience, we may stuff or ignore the emotions, which can be stored (and stuck) as energy in the body and nervous system.  The ideas, thoughts and beliefs that come from that experience can, in effect, direct our entire life-path…and, mostly, not in a pleasant way!

Those experiences often take place in our childhoods and were never resolved.  It may have been something as simple as a few words said by someone whose opinion was important to your well-being; words that you interpreted in a negative way?  Or, you may have tripped on stairs, in front of your peers, as you graduated from middle school. Or, worse, it could have been something quite painful, such as child abuse or neglect. 

You may have brought unresolved pain and suffering into this lifetime, from a past life, in order to attempt to heal or learn from those earlier emotions, thoughts and beliefs.  There are many philosophies that include past lives; they are aware that our souls move through many lifetimes to provide multiple opportunities to turn our greatest fears into love and acceptance.

Whatever the experience, if it remains unresolved, it can be activated (or triggered) when you least expect it.  Then, you react without thinking and, suddenly you face a new challenge in your inner life, your work, and in your relationships.  You become frustrated or angry.  You self-sabotage and don’t know why. You may, even, blame others for the way they are and how difficult they make your life.  Have you experienced this?

 I believe when we find ourselves suffering from an experience, or in a relationship, (especially if it happens repetitively, as in another failed relationship!) it is our soul’s call to heal the original cause of the suffering.  It is time to resolve things and heal.  That’s where Regression Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy comes in.

How does it work?

I am an Advanced Regression Therapist and, for over 23 years, I have helped thousands of people discover, release and heal old experiences, beliefs, understandings, thoughts, traumas and programs so that they can create and master this life on earth. 

I help you to relax, to slow down the brain’s frequency, until you feel as though you are daydreaming.  You will be comfortable; in fact, so much so that your body feels as though it is asleep and, yet, your mind will be aware.  When you have achieved this beautiful state, your protective mind allows you to wander through and explore your past experiences and memories. If the memories are painful, I will help you to view the experience in a way that removes you from the pain.  I will help you to understand the experience from an adult perspective and, then, to release the pain and suffering.  We will do a series of exercises that, actually, release unresolved energy and have the effect of beginning the healing process in the somatic body.  Finally, you will be able to replace that pain with new programs that serve your highest good. 

And, since each of my clients are unique individuals, with unique purposes and desires, I help each of my clients to tap into their wisdom selves, their higher selves, to create the suggestions and new programs that will replace the old programs that they released.  That way, you will be confident that you are walking your own, unique new path.

This is, to me, the cornerstone of building your future life.  When you can let go of the old story, you can simply create a new, more effective, more powerful and more successful story. 

Is today your day?  I am ready to serve you.

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