Hypnotherapy Testimonies

You helped me a few months ago in working through some trauma using hypnosis therapy.

…I would like to thank you! I wish I could tell you how much you have helped me on my journey. I feel much more general clarity in each area of my life since our appointment and feel immensely grateful every single day for how it is unfolding. Shortly after our appointment, I was able to confront certain fears I was unknowingly holding onto. Now I am lucky enough to be present each day in my relationship and truly experience what it’s like to fully love and know you are loved back. Because of your help, I have had the motivation to begin pursuing my dreams once again, and developed a more clear plan of where I want to see myself in the future and taking steps each day. I feel outwardly radiant, inwardly inspired, and ultimately connected.
Thank you so much.  

A.B. Portland, OR

Cynthia transformed my life!   I had tried every diet on the market, but knew that I wasn’t going to keep any weight off if I didn’t fix the problem.  And the problem was me! I was an evening eater; I’d sit down at the end of the day and eat until I went to bed. And I couldn’t resist chocolate.  If chocolate was around, I didn’t stop eating it until it was gone. I had no self-control when it came to chocolate. After that first visit to Cynthia, I don’t even think about eating in the evening.  It’s not that I tell myself I shouldn’t eat….it just doesn’t cross my mind that I want it!  And I’m able to enjoy a few M&M’s without having the desire to eat the whole bag. It is so wonderful to know I can have one cookie and feel satisfied.  I chose to follow up with a two more sessions with Cynthia to help solidify the “new me,” and I am so very glad I did. I listen to the recording she gave me of our sessions at night as I fall asleep, while I’m walking, or when I’m resting.   It keeps me grounded and in a good place. I never thought my relationship with food would be in such a good place. When I say Cynthia transformed my life, I mean it!  

Jean Murphy, Florence, OR.

Greetings Cynthia,

It has been a pleasure working with you on past life regression therapy. You provided a very safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment during our two hours session. I felt completely at ease and calm during the meditative journey into my past lives. The experience was remarkable and I reached areas in my subconscious I didn’t know existed. I enjoyed the way in which you guided me into alternate dimensions of time and space inside the mind. The days following our session I had an overwhelming sense of clarity and optimism; each present moment presented more confidence and effortlessness as I moved through my daily life and routine. I highly recommend hypnosis because it presents the opportunity for the individual to reach into the depths of their subconscious, acknowledging, amending, and giving oneself the power to put healing into your own hands.  Cynthia is a wonderful facilitator for this sensitive journey into self-realization, healing and growth. Thank you so much!


Samantha Stelk, Florence, OR

Life Coaching Testimonies

“I would recommend you anytime! You have a special gift with people!”

D.P. Charleston, SC

My… coach, appeared in my life not while seeking her, but while seeking balance.  While I sometimes wish money were my true motivator, it simply is not. Money, for me, is necessary but not motivating.  I am a hard worker and right now I love what I am doing. My income is growing, however, so were my work habits of overcommitting, trying to do more than humanly possible and an increasing lack of focus.

The biggest benefit I have received by working with Cynthia is learning to take a step back and enjoy the process.  Learning how to reassess the importance of some of my actions, and bringing my goals back into alignment with my true intentions.  I sincerely believe if I continue following the path I have set for myself, my income will grow to the level I need to support both myself and my dreams. I don’t need a million dollars to live the life I have right now and enjoy. There is no magic button that guarantees money (and the more the better) will make your life’s work happy and satisfying. Making my life’s work happy and satisfying, however, promises that I will make an income and continue to enjoy the process of the work I have chosen.

Of course there are things I would rather not do, but with guidance and clear intention, I can add those steps to my work week and not let them, or their frustrations, overwhelm me.  Again, with Cynthia’s help, I am able to keep myself present and work not only for the future, foregoing the joy of each day. Learning to keep balance as an intentional part of my day, I see my focus improving and my work staying joyful. And my income grows regardless.  

M.H. Hendersonville, NC

Health & Wellness Coaching Testimonies

Cynthia is one of the most compassionate and genuinely effective health care counselors in the field of natural medicine that I have worked with. She has many tools to assist others from dietary, nutritional and emotional healing strategies.”

F.C. Asheville, NC

“My wholistic approach to health led me to Cynthia. She made a unique recording of inspiration that I listen to each night. During sleep, the words are engrained in my subconscious, much like prayer. And when awake, the words come to me just when I need them! “

Grateful Client, Portland, OR

Corporate Coaching Testimonies

“Over the years, working with Cynthia I found her energy and enthusiasm to be invigorating. She made a huge positive impact to everyone at a personal level as well as to our program’s goals. She is an honest and caring person with a deep passion for life and helping others!”

Genie Dillon, Texas

Cynthia was crucial to the success of the Texas Quality Award. Not only was she talented and had the proper skills for her position, she also was a very personable leader that motivated many individuals from many disciplines. She was comfortable working with top corporate executives as well as mid-level supervisors and managers in our quest to make the TQA “State of the Art”

R.A. – Houston, TX

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